Our Design Pricing Offers Affordable Flat Rate Fees


No Surprises, you'll know exactly what your fees will be, unlike other providers that charge on a per hour basis, we find that flat rate pricing is a better option for small businesses and individuals looking to control costs.


Incloudable offers the following 3 Packages for Web Design


Option 1 Website Design Plan: $500 flat

Includes up to 5 static pages/sections/areas

Includes a mobile version up to 3 pages/sections areas

Tablet version can be added for an additional $100 fee


Option 2 Website Design Plan: $750 flat

Includes up to 10 static pages/sections/areas

Includes a mobile version up to 5 pages/sections/areas

Tablet version can be added for an additional $150 fee


Option 3 Website Design Plan: $1000 flat

Includes up to 15 static pages/sections/areas

Includes a mobile version up to 10 pages/sections/areas

Tablet version can be added for an additional $250 fee


Per Hour Design and Updates

May be purchased at $35/hour, billed bi-hourly

Minimum of 1 hour




Project Terms:


Definitions: “Pages”, “Sections”, or “Areas” describe and are defined as those areas of a website where each different topic of information is located. These areas may include: home page, about, contact information, etc.  Each area may be located in separate files or within the same file.  Location of areas within the same file does not exclude them from counting towards the included page or area count included in a plan.


Content: Client will provide all content, pictures, or third-party software to be used within the design, with the exception of any added “al a carte” stock photos the client may request and purchase separately.


Third Party software and Services:  Client is responsible for accessing and configuring any third-party software or accounts.  Incloudable will not access third party systems on behalf of the client.


Updates to an Existing Site:  Client may purchase design services for an existing site at an hourly rate of $35 per hour.  Billed in 30 minute increments with a 1 hour minimum.  Payment terms may vary for updates -  Payment for hourly work in a live environment will be quoted up front and payment is due at that time, prior to work being initiated.  Client will be invoiced for any overage, or refunded for any time not used as quoted.  If work can be completed in a dev environment, payment may be made at the completion of the work and delivered or uploaded to the live environment once payment is received.




Project Add Ons:




Al a carte Stock Images:

If any stock images are needed, they will be provided at an al a carte rate passed through to you. This means the client pays only for the cost of acquiring images free of any copy writes.  Incloudable does not mark-up pricing on these images in any way.  Stock images are quite affordable and will be obtained from a reputable stock image website.


Pricing is dependent on the size and resolution of the image needed.  Price generally range from $3 to $10 dollars per image.   These costs will only be added at the client’s request.  Client may provide their own images for use on the site to avoid the need to purchase any additional images from another source.



Once the website development is complete, if client requires hosting services, we offer 3 plans that are billed annually.




Hosting Options Can be Found Here



Payment Terms & Delivery


Payment Terms:

Payment terms for development area

50% up front, and 50% at completion of the site.


Payment Terms for Hosting if applicable

All hosting plans are billed annually.  Payment due at the start of hosting services being provisioned and active.  Billing will renew annually on the anniversary date of services.


Delivery of Site:

Once complete and final payment is received, Incloudable will provide to the client a copy of all files and data for the project.  Client may upload the completed site to the web host of their choosing.


If Hosting Services are purchased from Incloudable, Incloudable will also provide a complimentary upload of the completed site, free of charge, to the allotted web hosting space on behalf of client.


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